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Initiatives and Campaign

The Community Solar Energy Pilot Program

Governor Murphy stated, “[s]ince day one, my administration has been clear on our pursuit of an equitable and inclusive clean energy future for all New Jerseyans. The Community Solar Energy Pilot Program is a smart and sustainable component of our clean energy future that positions New Jersey as a world leader in the innovation economy, while investing in communities and ensuring environmental justice for all.”

This project allows any Perth Amboy household regardless whether you rent or own, to be a part of utilizing clean, green discounted energy.  Check out our partners website www.gosolarlandscape.com  and when you sign up use promo code SJRF and you will receive at least a $50 gift card and a 10% to 15 % discount on your electric bill.  In addition, the JRF will receive a donation made in your name paid by Solar Landscape. This is a seamless process, there is no equipment to be installed it is just a simple switch to utilize electricity “Made In Perth Amboy” through our Community Solar project.  There are no fees to switch and no penalty to later opt out.  Be a part of our environmental justice solution!