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Social Services

We work to raise awareness and help people affected by our cause. Our success is measured in the number of people we can help with the quality of programs and services we provide. These programs are fueled by our dedicated staff, caring volunteers and generous donors like you.

Our Vision

We believe in changing lives by creating hope and self-sufficiency, and we succeed by providing individuals, children and families with essential health and human services, community development and youth programs. Our life-improving services extend across all cultures and faiths, regardless of economic status.

Our Mission

The Jewish Renaissance Foundation (JRF) is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization founded by individuals who feel compelled to act upon the teachings of the Jewish faith. With two federal designations: as an Anti-Poverty Agency and as a Federal Qualified Health Center, we believe as citizens in a democratic society, we must respond to the needs of our neighbors and share our talents and resources. The JRF is committed to helping individuals/families become healthier and stronger.