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Emerging Leaders for a Healthier Community


The Emerging Civic Leaders for a Healthier Community Program provides high school-aged youth within the City of Perth Amboy with a hands-on experience in community health to make a lasting change in their community. Fully immersed in health education, the program participants receive an interdisciplinary education about population health, leadership development, and implement a group-designed action plan(s) that address health issues in their community.



Once a month, the Emerging Leaders participate in a service-learning institute where they immerse themselves in civic engagement, leadership development, and receive instruction on population health. Ultimately, the purpose of the Monthly Institute is to better prepare the youth to effectively create and implement an action plan that addresses various health issues in Perth Amboy. Such activities include, but are limited not to:

  • Team building and self-assessment activities
  • Learning about the community health needs assessment and specific health threats to Peth Amboy
  • Conversations that address the perceived needs of the community
  • Introduction to the theory of change and data collection to measuring the progress of the action plan(s)



Emerging Leaders receive a training stipend of $30 for every monthly meeting attended.



Each Emerging Leaders participant is expected to carry out their action plan(s) throughout the summer for a total of 6 weeks where they will receive a stipend of $150 per week.  



Emerging Leaders are given the opportunity to participate in three day retreats. Retreats are tentatively scheduled for December 2020, June 2021, and August 2021. Retreats are intended to help solidify the team bonding experience, show off their team and leadership skills, which include service skill-building, community building, personal reflection, and goal setting. Their retreats are a great opportunity to:

  • Build connections and relationship with their peers
  • Explore ways in which to define and practice leadership
  • Develop strategies for transforming communities
  • Challenge themselves through experiential exercises

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For additional information please contact the Program Coordinator, Kaelin Conover at kaelin.conover@jrfnj.org


Jewish Renaissance Foundation is a grantee of New Jersey Health Initiative – a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

“The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.”