Community Development and Housing

Perth Amboy Alliance For Community

What is PAAC?

The Perth Amboy Alliance for Community (“PAAC”) is a group of community-based organizations, residents, and other stakeholders working together to implement the “PAAC Neighborhood Vision”, a resident-driven, comprehensive neighborhood revitalization plan.

For three years, the Jewish Renaissance Foundation has been working with the residents of the Greater Budapest neighborhood in Perth Amboy.

After an initial year-long grass roots planning and research process, a comprehensive Revitalization Plan was created and approved by the NJ Department of Community Affairs, which then permits JRF, on behalf of the community, to apply for corporate funding for projects in the Plan. In addition, the Wachovia Regional Foundation has provided a 5-year grant to help pay for its implementation.

The main components of the Greater Budapest Neighborhood Plan are to:

  • Create a sense of place and foster community engagement
  • Develop affordable housing
  • Ensure better access to social services, especially medical health services
  • Increase after-school activities and create better recreational opportunities
  • Create economic opportunity
  • Provide job training for youth and adults
  • Make improvements to the Amboy Ave. business district
  • Provide assistance to existing businesses and to those who wish to be entrepreneurs
  • Ensure public safety
  • Park and Recreation improvement


For More Information
Contact: Vanessa Cepin, Program Coordinator 732-324-2114, ext. 114 or email