Location #1

Health Services

Our staff at the JRF Community Health Center has a strong commitment to serving all the members of our community and ensuring that every patient receives the quality health care they need.

Director of Health Services

Kristi Zayas

Dr. Brice
Medical Provider

Dr. Marie Brice
* Doctor of Medicine as of 2002 and received her Degree from Saba University, Netherlands
* She is Board Certified from 2015-2025
* Proficient in English, French and Creole and Medical Spanish

Dental Director

Dr. Nidhi Khurana
*Speaks: English, Hindi and Punjabi
*Graduated from NYU
*2 years in India, 5 years in the USA

Luz Rosa
Registered Nurse

Luz Rosa, RN
*Speaks English and Spanish

Certified Medical Assistant

Diana Hidalgo
*Speaks: English and Spanish
*Graduated from Berkeley College in 2014
*Certified Medical Assistant since 2014

Enrollment/Outreach and Credentialing Coordinator

Trupti Upadhyay
*Speaks English, Hindi and Gujarati.
*Graduated from Sanford Brown.
*Certified application counselor.
*Certified PE coordinator.
*Certified State Health Assistance Program.

Heather Bosques
Patient Registrar

Heather Bosques
*Speaks English and Spanish
*Certified PE Coordinator

Patient Registrar

Yenny Aquino

Behavioral Health Care Worker

Samantha Cruz
Bachelors in Social Work

Dr. Amarjit Saini

Jaime Rivello
Chief Compliance Officer

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Currently recruiting

Medical Director

Currently recruiting

JessaMae Manatlao
Certified Dental Assistant

JessaMae Manatlao