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Health Services

Our Mission

The JRF Community Health Center is dedicated to delivering preventive and primary medical services to the underserved and the uninsured population, in a culturally competent environment, regardless of race, ethnicity or ability to pay.


Our Vision

The vision of the JRF Community Health Center is to serve to improve the health and qualities of life of the individuals in our community, and empower our patients to make healthy choices for themselves and their families.

We do this by:

  • Delivering quality, community-based primary care services in a culturally sensitive manner with integrity and respect to our patients
  • Providing education, resources and support in areas of preventive care, personal health management and health insurance
  • Offering health programs and screenings tailored to the specific medical concerns of our community
  • Ensuring that our services are affordable, accessible and comprehensive, so that all who seek medical care here can find it with dignity
  • These are the promises we make to our patients and to the families we serve