Emerging Leaders for a Healthier Community


What's New?

The fifteen participants chosen to participate in the Emerging Leaders for a Healthier Community Institute have been working together since the start of the program with both passion and enthusiasm and have proven to have a unique perspective of the health issues in the community. Since the launch of the program in September, the Emerging Leaders of Perth Amboy have gained a better understanding of population health, the social determinants of health, and the prominent health issues impacting the City of Perth Amboy.

The Emerging Leaders for a Healthier Community met last month to discuss their summer action plan. During the meeting, the Emerging Leaders finalized their project goals and verbalized their intended outcomes. By the conclusion of the meeting, the youth decided to center their action plan on increasing community engagement and expanding opportunities that promote the physical health, safety, and well-being of Perth Amboy residents. They hope to accomplish this goal by August 31st, 2018. In order for their goal to be realized, the youth outlined three workable objectives. These objectives include (1) raising awareness of traffic and pedestrian safety issues, and providing strategies that keep pedestrians and drivers safe (2) assessing Perth Amboy's current pedestrian access network and identifying possible changes that would promote physical activity throughout the city (3) promoting healthier eating habits by increasing access to fruits and vegetables in Perth Amboy.

The Jewish Renaissance Foundation and the participants of the Emerging Leaders Institute are pleased with the program's progress, thus far, and are very excited to see what the summer will bring as we continue to work toward a healthier Perth Amboy while also building a strong cohort of next generation community leaders.

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