Community Health Center

Meet Our Staff!

Our diverse staff is available to help ensure your healthcare needs are met to the fullest!

Front Desk

Amanda & Gabrielle are here to help you to schedule appointments, and answer your questions!

Medical Assistant

Step into Exam Room 1 where Diana will take your vital signs and prepare you for the doctor! She also has plenty of information for referrals to specialists in the area who accept your insurance.

Family Practioner

Dr. Irina Zelikson, M.D., D.O. is a Board Certified Family Practitioner available to provide medical care for everyone in your family! From children to grandparents, Dr. Z is here for you and will make you feel right at home.

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Peter Velez works behind the scenes, but is entrusted with all administrative tasks to ensure the JRFCHC can run smoothly!

Health Insurance Enrollment Assister

The Healthcare Marketplace can be a confusing place... Trupti is our insurance expert! Come in for an appointment and walk out enrolled in an affordable health insurance plan, suitable for your family's needs!

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